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Words from other business owners

Justin Lambert

Owner, The Mint Julep Boutique

The Entrepreneur Summit is a place to come find out who you really are. It’s very important to be authentic. You aren’t going to get anything out of it if you come and try to put on your false self. It’s led to a lot of good changes in my life. A better relationship with my wife and better relationships with my kids. If you want to make your life better, if you want to grow as a person and achieve that balance in life, if you are truly willing to do whatever it takes to achieve that, then the Summit is something that you should definitely attend.

Josh Adams

Owner, Superior Cleaning Solutions

The pallbearers at my funeral will be men from this group. That’s the level of deepness that we get here. If you come in here and you’re not authentic, you’re not coming back, I can just tell you. You’re going to be called out, you’re just wasting everybody’s time. We’re not here for that. We left our egos at the door. Authenticity – that’s what we’re about.

Brian Harris

Owner, Harris Vacation Rentals

The Summit is a time to really pull back and get my head clear for myself. A time for me to think about what my next 5-10 years looks like – what I want to focus on and what gives me energy. I think a lot of entrepreneurs go through this phase where you feel like you could work 40 hours a day because you are building something and solving these problems. You are so focused on working. Just having somebody look at it from the outside can help you see more clearly where you are.

Josh Citron

Owner, Chic Soul

Yeah you’re going to get a full experience of golfing, sailing and fishing. You’re going to have some fun and you’re also going to have some in-depth conversations and there’s people with years of experience in business and life here who are all very grounded and want to have those conversations.

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